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And we do our best to live up to our motto

We have a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest technology, a new loading bay and new crane facilities. This is the backbone of our services.
Our location next to the N-I motorway allows us to respond rapidly to requests for transport.
Our team of highly qualified and motivated employees are available any time of day to attend to our customers.
SMG Logistic Solutions offers quality logistics and transport solutions, customer commitment and cost transparency. We are committed to ongoing specialization and excellence in our field.
We have the expertise and conditions necessary to offer our clients the best possible service.

It's the people that define our company and the world.
We're living in a time of global crisis, a crisis caused by the lure of materialism and selfishness, by the idea that all is fair when it comes to meeting our goals, with no regard to the means we use or how we treat others. That's not our style at SMG.
We are committed to integrity and respect for our customers, suppliers and employees. We want to work together in all aspects, based on sustainability and the environment, building a more just society and ensuring that our children inherit a better tomorrow.

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Visit our fleet

Visit our fleet

Here you'll find our fleet of vehicles. Select the vehicle that best meets your transport needs.

What kind of vehicle do you rquire

What kin of vehicle
do you require?

Here you'll find our fleet of vehicles. Select the vehicle that best meets your transport needs.